End to End Travel Technology Platform for Sports & Events

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Game Changing Technology

Groupize starts where other Sports Apps quit. We will take your events to the finish line.

Get in the hotel game with a complete platform. Hotel sourcing, booking engine, housing, registration and travel for events, teams, and tournaments.

Hang On To Your Helmet

You can do it all! License our end to end proprietary technology for Events and Sports and benefit from:

  • Ebids for negotiating best rates at hotels for blocks
  • Create your own event and tournament booking sites
  • Real-time availability & pricing
  • Instant booking of hotel rooms and Instant Blocks©
  • Group block management and housing
  • Registrations, tickets & payments
  • Air management
  • Travel Agency & Concur integration
  • Commissions and rebates tracking

For Agencies

Groupize partners with leading Travel Agencies to power their Sports and Events divisions.

The Groupize integrations to Concur and select GDS’s make this a first-place solution for end to end management, bringing efficiencies to your collaboration with Colleges, Universities, and Teams.

For Colleges & Universities

Groupize technology provides end to end and comprehensive travel management solutions for teams, coaches, athletic directors, staff and their travel agencies.

The Groupize platform manages every aspect of travel needs in higher education, including team travel, student recruiting, fan travel, staff travel and athletic events for every sport.

For Facilities & CVBs


Attract and efficiently support events in venues of all sizes for tournaments, teams, fans, spectators, organizers and participants of Special Events.

Wow organizers with game-changing technology for sourcing, booking, and registration while capturing all of the data to prove ROI for your members and owners.

  • Manage RFP’s and bids in a centralized location
  • Choose your participating hotels
  • Manage communications
  • Send leads to your hotels in an automated fashion
  • Create event booking pages
  • Track booking reports and revenues for the area

It’s no longer a hail mary, it’s reality – track and measure any event.

For Traveling Teams & Tournaments

Groupize is a sports travel platform that simplifies every aspect of team and group travel online and mobile.

Source, book & manage rooms, online registration,  communicate with participants, collect fees and more.  Groupize sports team management software is available on your computer, smartphone or tablet. Plus, we have a range of plan levels to suit your needs.

Technology designed for teams and tournaments with travel requirements. We make it easy for organizers to focus on running successful and profitable events by taking all aspects of team and fan travel and simplifying it. Whether you have 10 events or 1,000, with Groupize everyone knows the game plan.

Easy to use
Mobile Responsive
Time saver
Cost Cutting
Real Time Bookings
Concur Integration
Plans for every team size

Our Team & Teamwork

Groupize Sports is a division of Groupize.  Since 2011, we have built industry leading solutions to take the complexity out of Groups, Meetings & Events.  Our tools are designed for the occasional planner, and can still support the many requirements of the professional planner.